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At Look Homes, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful living spaces  — great and small, tailored specifically to your needs. Our team consists of experienced house and granny flat builders that won’t rest until you’re fully satisfied with your new addition.

With over 25 years of experience on the Sunshine Coast, our granny flat builders will help you decide on the best size, design, timeframe and budget for your project. Moreover, our modern, innovative and contemporary granny flat designs will likely meet the needs of most families and make for an amazing addition to your home.

Modern, Innovative And Contemporary Granny Flat Designs

Granny flats have seen a steady rise in popularity all over the world, as well as along the Sunshine Coast. Part of the reason behind this phenomenon is that they make for perfect living spaces for elderly parents and in-laws, as well as growing teens who need more room to themselves.

At Look Homes, we take great pride in our custom home plans and packages, as we know they’re built to suit the needs of each individual client. Moreover, we can incorporate our modern, innovative and contemporary granny flat designs to seamlessly fit in with the rest of your home and property.


In addition to creating some extra living space for yourself or your family members, building a granny flat could also help increase the value of your property. Because granny flats have seen such an increase in popularity, they are a great selling point for every home.

Thus, you’ll likely be able to make more money from your property if you decide to sell it. You could also rent the unit out, in order to create a steady cash flow all year round.

On average, building a granny flat from scratch can take anywhere from 10 to 12 weeks. However, the expected timeframe for completion of a project could be extended due to extenuating circumstances, such as poor weather conditions or material shortages.

Still, if something puts a damper on your plans, you won’t have to worry as our house and granny flat builders will be there to make sure your project is finished on time, and according to your needs.

Every homeowner and family unit that needs that bit of extra oomph added to their property. Whether that’s some extra living space, a place to enjoy one’s hobby, or a new rental unit — granny flats truly offer a great solution to all sorts of people.

Our granny flat builders can help you determine the exact purpose of your new unit, and make it into reality in a matter of months.

Of course! Look Homes offers a multitude of house and land packages on the Sunshine Coast, including a house and granny flat package. You can browse through our catalogue and look through a variety of home plans to find the one that best suits your needs.

Amongst our award-winning designs, you will surely find one that’s just perfect for you and your home. Additionally, you can customise a granny flat plan to suit your property and block on the Sunshine Coast.

If you’re ready to build your new addition, you can contact us via phone or email to inquire about building your granny flat on the Sunshine Coast. Our friendly team will help you determine which plan or custom design best suits your needs and preferences.

Straight away, we’ll offer you a fixed-price contract, as well as a workmanship guarantee and an accurate completion date. We’ll also be there for you every step of the way to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the finished product.

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