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Award winning duplex home builders

Whether it’s to live as an extended family while still maintaining privacy and independence, or so you can rent out the second house, a duplex on the Sunshine Coast or in Noosa can be a great investment. Look Homes are the area’s premier duplex home builders, with a wide range of customisable designs that utilise the best quality fixtures while remaining affordable. When you use Look Homes as your duplex home builders your new house can be exactly how you imagine it.

Two houses in one with a duplex on the Sunshine Coast

A duplex, sometimes called a maisonette, is a house design where two independent homes share a common wall. Because each home is independent, they are a great option for those who wish to rent out a part of their property, or for those who wish to live with family while maintaining independence. As the top duplex builders on the Sunshine Coast, Look Homes has a wide range of designs that maximise the living space for both homes. We can also custom-build you the perfect home. Our designs range from the contemporary to the classic, so no matter whether you want a luxury modern living space or a cosy cottage, Look Homes has a duplex for sale on the Sunshine Coast that matches your personal tastes.

25 years of experience as duplex home builders

Look Homes are award winning duplex builders on the Sunshine Coast with 25 years of experience. We offer a personalised service where you speak directly to the builder and have fine-tuned our duplex house design so we can offer the most efficient timeframes on custom duplex designs on the Sunshine Coast. Contact us today and let us know what you are looking for in a duplex to start the journey towards your ideal home.

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