Quality builder – There are many elements to building a new home.

The Builder 

Most importantly you need a quality builder.

Besides that you need the land and a house design to suit both your needs and the orientation of the block.


At Look Homes Sunshine Coast our design service is free.  You get an experienced builder /  Designer to work with you from the start..  Most important is what you want to achieve.  Having a qualified and experienced builder to work with is certainly a major advantage for our clients.  We take in all the building aspects as well as the natural elements such as; how do we use the light and air flow to the best advantage and reduce your energy consumption whilst increasing comfort.

Estimate Price 

Once we have the design done together, Look homes can then produce an estimate build cost for your new quality built home.


Now that we have the design and the estimate price, the next step is to select your inclusions.  Due to what type of tiles, cabinet design, flooring, taps, doors, windows, etc you would like in your new home, the price may vary.  To assist you in making the right choices our interior designer is available to walk you through this process.  Using professional services certainly makes sense because collectively we can design an amazing home.

Fixed Price Contract

To get the fixed price contract (for your peace of mind), preliminary work is completed on your land to ascertain your soil type, boundaries, contours and heights.  The engineer then designs footings, slab, roof and frame work.  This information and your completed selections are put together and we can give you the exact price…….. and its fixed for the build.

Industry standard contracts should be used to seal the deal.  Easy to read full specification documents, plans and engineering are included for your records.

Get it started 

It is now time to get building with your builder, Look Homes.

Check out our next blog for the building process and how to keep it simple.



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